About Us

Inline Culture started out as a small group of freestyle skaters drawn by the carefree and versatile nature of inline skating. Our team of certified skating instructors are not only known to be experienced and professional,  we are too known for our passionate dedication in promoting inline skating as a safe, fun and healthy sport for people everywhere.

Inline Skating is a sport where style meets mobility, topped with unparalleled adrenaline rush. Living by the slogan: “A Great Way to Skate”, Inline Culture regularly revises its wide variety of tailor-made courses to fit our diverse consumer base.

To create a vibrant culture of inline skating that is safe, fun and enjoyable for all ages.

We strive to value-add to society by cultivating an environment that promotes health and social awareness through inline skating.


We have the signature mark of liveliness and boundless energy. We crave for excitement, thrive on action and are always on the go! As a result, we are never short of radical ideas and are always coming up with unconventional ways to revamp and value-add our services.

At Inline Culture, you can have the best of everything! Our team is not only fun-loving, but also dedicated in providing the best service a skater can ever ask for. With tested and proven services like our Perfect Fit Program, Price Match and Year-Long Manufacturer Warranty, you can be assured of tailored services and quality goods.



Nothing beats having fun while exercising. Hence, crafting fun-filled lessons is one of our top priorities!

With our strong credentials, you never have to doubt for a second the quality of our services!



Fun 2 Skate Programme