Fun Stuff We Do!


Let's Skate and Prawn @ Punggol Park!
Who wouldn't enjoy a casual skate through the park with the cool evening breeze
and some dinner followed by a prawning session at Hai Bin Prawning!
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Need For Speed @ Singapore Expo
As This is one of the main reasons why I was so blown away by Need for Speed @ Expo.
The entire event was held in the Singapore Expo, exhibition Hall 5, coupled with plenty
of action, adrenaline and hmm, air-conditioning!

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National Runway Cycling and Skating 2009
As a total newbie to skating, I was a bit apprehensive about going for the annual
National Runway Cycling/skating event at Paya Lebar Airbase...
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CLSA Event
The theme of the night was “Elvis Presley” and our girls were decked out in bright
yellow and blue satin costumes along with their skates...

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Pasir Ris Senior Citizen Corner Opening 2008
Although it was a senior citizen corner opening, there were throngs of kids that
decided to drop by the event as well...

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IC demo Team at Bugis in Support of Make-A-Wish Foundation
I’m sure we stunned quite a few shoppers when our skaters started their stunts
at the Make-A-Wish Foundation charity show at Bugis amidst the throngs of
people doing their routine weekend shopping...

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Fit For Life Carnival 2006
With increasing emphasis placed on a healthy lifestyle, events like the Fit For Life
Carnival are organised in order to create awareness amongst Singaporeans about
the importance of an active lifestyle...

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Micro Amateur Comp 2007
Our young skaters gained exposure through the Micro Amateur Competition 2007,
where they performed slalom, slides and other stunts...

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Pulau Ubin
Think that Singapore is getting boring and there’s absolutely nothing to do during
the weekends? Think again, as we made our way to the little island to skate!
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