Why learn @ Inline Culture

Inline Culture’s slogan ‘ A Great Way to Skate’ has continuously inspired us in providing quality goods and services. We want everyone out there to have the passion for skating, just like all of us at Inline Culture! We believe that the only way to truly enjoy skating is to incorporate safety and fun into the sport. Hence, our internationally certified instructors are here to help people achieve this balance.



  • Internationally Certified Instructors (IISA & ICP)
  • First Aid & CPR Certified
  • NCAP (National Coaching Accreditation Program) Certified
  • NSYS (National Standard for Youth Sports) Certified
  • People's Association Approved


  • Progressive Learning
  • Inclusive of insurance coverage by Insurance Company
  • A wide variety of packages to choose from
  • Programs can be customized
  • Endorsement by Singapore Sports Council & MOE (Sports Education Program)
  • One of the largest logistical support for instruction in skating (able to cater up to 200-300 students at a time)


We offer Freestyle, Slalom, Hockey courses for all advanced skating enthusiasts. With sudden improvement, increased agility, polished footwork / cone work, jaw dropping tricks and slides, there will be motivation for us to skate everyday!

Our aim for the Skate In School’s program is to instill a safe and fun learning experience for all the students, while further enhancing it with team-spirit, leadership, confidence and team-work skills. To date, Inline Culture has one of the largest logistical support for school programmes.

Programs that we offer in schools are :

•TAF Program
•CCA-Uniform Groups
• Post-Exam Activities
• Orientation Camps
• MOE Adventure Camps
• Enrichment Programs
• Inline Hockey Programs
• Freestyle Skating Program

Be the master of your own learning by enjoying a more personalized skating experience! Attend lessons at the time, location and schedule of YOUR CHOICE!

Get your company together for some exercise today! Each organization has unique objectives for team-building events. Contact us now to find out how we can customize a program to maximize your company‘s potential! Call 6244 5522 or e-mail us at info@inlineculture.com.sg for recommendations of suitable programmes and price plans.


Types of Lessons

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School Programme

Private Lessons

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