Skate School

Inline Culture skate school provides a structured program with 10 levels consisting of 40 lessons to bring beginners to advanced levels, followed by various disciplines of the sport such as Freestyle, Speed, Hockey, Slalom, Aggressive and Artistic Skating.




  • Internationally Certified Instructors (IISA & ICP)
  • First Aid & CPR Certified (EMT First Rescue)
  • NCAP (National Coaching Accreditation Program) Certified
  • People's Association Approved



  • Progressive Learning
  • Inclusive of insurance coverage
  • A wide variety of packages to choose from
  • Programs can be customized
  • Endorsement by Singapore Sports Council & MOE (Sports Education Program)
  • One of the largest logistical support for instruction in skating (able to cater up to 200-300 students at a time)


  • TAF Program
  • CCA-Uniform Groups
  • Post-Exam Activities
  • Orientation Camps
  • MOE Adventure Camps
  • Enrichment Programs
  • Inline Hockey Programs
  • Freestyle Skating Program



The Course below covers beginner, intermediate and advanced progression levels. Each level will take approximately 4- 6 lessons to complete.

Level 1
Whoever said skating was difficult to pick up simply did not know Inline Culture. Learn the important basics here, Footwork, Stopping, Turning and Striding Skills, standing up the right way and falling safely. Your instructor will help you progress at your own pace and assist you in perfecting all the basic skills. Thus we assure you of confidence in skating, balance, strength, safety and most definitely lots and lots of FUN! 

Level 2     
Take your skating skills and ability to a higher level! Master your essential edging and rotary motion skill techniques and advance to the next level where you will achieve a higher level of fitness, stability, speed, grace and style. At this level, skating through parks should be a breeze!

Level 3
At this stage, you will be ready to take on new challenges to improve your agility and techniques. This will prepare you for the advanced level with better versatility and balance. Strength, balance, rotary and edging skills are further enhanced here. Pick up new skills like crossovers, stops, slalom footwork and 1-foot balancing skills.

Level 4
This level focuses intensively on proper backwards movement. You will gain confidence in backwards and forwards transition, stopping, turning and other movement skills.


Level 5
Nothing describes the adrenaline rush you will get from skating with such accomplishment. Your technical stopping, sliding, forward crossover, turning skills and powered stride techniques will be polished to perfection. From here, you can proceed into any discipline of skating like speed, hockey, freestyle, Slalom or artistic.


Types of Lessons

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Fun 2 Skate Programme

School Programme

Private Lessons

Corporate Lessons